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Order of St. Stanislas


Biography Woji-Christ Olyslaegers


Sjamanga - Priestress, Dr. Mylady Christ Olyslaegers

Psychiatric Medicine in Novosibirsk, Psycho-analyst, Specialty Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Psychopathology, Embryology en Dive therapist,

Meditation Master of the Quan Yin method, Meditation to Enlightenment,

Shamanic healing and Spiritual guidance,
High priestess of the snakes of Avebury,
Shaolin Kung Fu Black Belt

Art Academy Degree, speciality Sculpture, Physical Education Degree, spec. Tumbling and federal juror, Winner Belgian Gold for Tumbling,

Knighted in 2006 for scientific research and humanitarian assistance in emergency and danger areas ... Grand Prior for the Order of Saint Stanislas, Belgium Priory

Knighted in 2010 for Grand Prior to Argentina, O.S.M.B.A.
Conformation of the Order


 President of "A Queeste of Energy" …
                  … and still WJ Christ evolves further, deeper and higher...