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Order of St. Stanislas


Travel to Inspiration

image3We are not a travel agent or resort relaxation.

As a team we are in the care and supervision of the seeking man during his journey in this life, in this world, but in all possible levels and cultures in which the human mind can find ways and potentials.

You can gain experience and enjoy our range of possibilities, in Egypt the spiritual ancient temples and history or along the holy land of the white desert and the sea, where an unprecedented natural rest and staying at the Bedouin way you deep into yourself and the infinite power back on, just like diving and swimming with the dolphins and staying on a boat with yourself drenched adventure brings.

You can go to Southern France and Labit, silence and meditation at the foot of the Pyrenees, where Eddy and Pilgrim 'the ass', you feast on a delicious and creative international company, A stay in Portugal brings you into contact with the primal power of ancient African Magic and the Polish lakes rest you enjoying the vast wilderness; And then calls the Far East and the temples and Sacred Mountains of Henan and the imperial temples.

The unlikely martial art of Shaolin, Kung Fu monks and their school visits, even if student is exclusive between Shaolin and A Quest of Energy, to choose such an extraordinary journey made with visits to the amazing beautifull parks of YUNTANG Mountains the glory of ever re-emerging waterfalls in all colors and shapes, with lakes and temples and mystery ... just beautiful!

We will guide you always 24/24 to your destination, and are entirely responsible for the care of your experience and evolution