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Order of St. Stanislas



  • The "on earth -" tours of Wj. Christ start quite young, where she sometimes accompanied her father on his proffecionel travel to Germany and England.
  • The sports which Wj.Christ as a girl of 5 years training avon send it the first foreign travel
  • For Schools organizes Wj. Christchurch from 16j. small travels for groups, both adventurous and culturally tinged.
  • The Guild Group St.Sebastiaans-she dances with France by
  • With Youth Church that she repeated singing
  • Her honeymoon Christ and Eddy with the bike the beautiful scenery of the Belgian Ardennes, on Kochem and down through Germany back to Belgium
  • If Eddy goes to Nepal attracts Wj. Christchurch to Dublin to talk with the manager of "Human Rights" on youth work in Europe, and further she travels through Ireland
  • To scout for its organized group who always cultural-historical and / or spiritual and adventurous travels throughout Europe, becoming itself "Vision Queest" learning from the people, the other values and wherever its meets, studying and talking with local psychiatrists and different ways for therapy, .Als always fascinated by the human brain.
  • We see Wj Christ through Greece, Italy, Joegouslavie, England, Ireland, France, Germany, in short by Europe. • In Spain sets Wj. Christchurch cooperation with Poder DEL SER
  • In Egypt TRAVEL FOR INSPIRATION an exceptional package of sporty and adventurous histiorische cultural and spiritual opportunities
  • In Turkey, put them together with the Turks and Chinese of the SUN RISE hotel operation and exchange of Taiji through therapy, and where they receive teachings of the Supreme Father Alevische the real sense and knowledge of Sufism.
  • In France she goes hand in hand with and PILGRIM LABIT
  • Poland has in collaboration the beautiful meditation houses around the lakes of Kharkow
  • Russia, Siberia, Altai, Kazakhstan, is Wj. Christ herself studying Eastern European Psychiatry and brain training
  • Valencia / Spain, she specially Embryology follow a special course on the spirituality of the Embryo
  • Deep in Eastern Europe, Turkmenistan in Kars, is Wj. Christ in the rebel war in Kurdistan, to help children in an abandoned snow and ijsdorp
  • In Kenya, she is back talking and looking for ways to find solutions for the floods and horrible diseases after the wars of Sudan, etc. -
  • Argentina invites her to cooperation, where she also the northeastern provinces and the most beautiful places on earth with the largest waterfalls by traveling
  • USA and all the reserves and Canyons by traveling Wj. Christ as studies
  • China is like a dream on the list, where they finally start exercising and studying Kung Fu in the Shaolin Temple in Henan, and more elaborate projects in Beijing and Shanghai.
  • And so traveling and working and studying Wj. Christ continues, following its path as it automatically comes her way, but with the will and the passion of a survivor and curiosity of a scientist and explorer.
  • Israel and Brazil are waiting on the list ....