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Order of St. Stanislas


Sponsors and donations



The various projects of A Queeste of Energy all have the goal, a financial, creative thinking and working with human impulse and renewal in the various items of the projects Other projects such as the deaf and hard of hearing, the gayomard , the ABC project and the own creations of ivzw A queeste or ENERGY can be specialley individual sponsered

Whereby, in advance our thanks.
Every form of human sympathy we can only applaud, any form of financial help and support, gratefully acknowledge. Your personal support, you and your company, your club or association

Can be MAIN sponsor of IVZW A QUEESTE OF ENERGY                              10.000,00 €

- Logo / name listing on press, radio and television
- Sponsor Reception 20 VIP TICKETS for the events,
- Personal meeting and working with our staff and artists
- Look behind the scenes
- Open web operation

Main Sponsor of a project: Project meter/peter                                            5.000,00 €

- Visual and commercial advertising in their own region for the selected project
- Logo and name mention on the press, radio and television in your area for the project
- 10 entrance tickets
- Look and cooperation in the project

Helping hand                                                                                                        200,00 €

- Logo and name mention on the brochure for the selected event/project
- Two entrance tickets participation

Sympathy from                                                                                                   100,00 €

- Name Mention in the brochure
- You can be a proof of deposit from us, which may be of interest in your accounts.
- We keep in mind that from 2013 our donations may be tax deductible, which you will be kept informed.

Our banking account:

A Queeste of Energy Ivzw
IBAN BE 257333693036 (New banking account)