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Order of St. Stanislas


Spiritual Therapy

The man and all living beings, consist of more than 1 color, more than 1 resonance, more than 1 making.

Looking for any release of your "I" looks Wj. Christ this in your circles, and we use the therapy which complies with the culture, rites and cures of the times and cultures where your energy is blocked and from where your potential so again flow freely; The experience and knowledge of wj; Christ reaches across the different continents, and from there she brings you the knowledge and skills that they themselves from its initiations, quests and deeper development on its relentless path to the other centers of consciousness, has acquired and deployed.

ChristTromWj.Christ as a Shamanic Priestess in the cold Siberian Altai, inaugurated by "Slaba, Belucha Shaman and protector of the mountain, the Holy Mountain of the Spirits Shamanic Baba and the Stones, the Holy inauguration stones and cemetery since ancient times.

Altia Mountains It is the oldest mountains on earth and the mummies that are currently released from the heated mountain ice, scientifically established, the oldest human body s found on Earth. According to the tradition of the shamans of Siberia was the first man and first Altaier Belucha Shaman of the Mountain. Altai means "no time", AL-TIME, the center of "BEING"

To initiate in the ancient Ketu and Authentic spirituality of West Africa, as High Priestress of the Snakes of Avalon, Wichcrafting and its path in the East and Buddhist Shaolin Kung Fu master, Wj. Christ learned from both Proff. Olga Karitidi as well as the Siberian shaman "Slaba" himself, on its trip through Siberia and its admission to the Belucha mountain, the healing arts of the Ancient Shamanic Studies and True Knowledge, which are used during the Spiritual healings and accompaniments.

Initiation in the Ketu-Authentic Sprits of the West African interior, brings Wj. Christ to the ancient forces of nature and their movements deep into the human system. This initial knowledge is recognized by the UNESCO WORLD in 2005 and is also protected as such. Wj. Christ is inaugurated on 23 June 2010 and is her strength and knowledge for your healing use. Once a year, after a directing consult with Wj.Christ you can have the opportunity, to meet the spirits, to travel to Sintra with Wj. Christ, and there in the place, to celebrate the festivals.

CHRIST10-2From a bloodline of natural healers, whose great-grandmother "Mie Broos" known healer and herbalist from Vorselaar, (where a book and statue in honor of her knowledge and work is placed), offers Wj. Christ you a palette of authentic knowledge of the old and new Wiccan rituals and magic of our own Celtic and Gallic culture, and the application of these lifestyles and therapies. Wj.Christ is known as Wicca, the High Priestess of the Circle of the Golden Dawn, and initiated in the "Snakes of Avalon" in Avebury on 31 October.

Course in "The Circle" is given every week by the current High Priest, Martine Hertoghs. See >> agenda

In collaboration with an Egyptian doctor and expert on Middle Eastern oils and perfumes, healing skills, invites Wj. Christ you on her journeys through Egypt and their healing properties for you. What more in "Travel to Inspiration" Wj. Christ gives us her knowledge of magic and medicine of ancient Egypt to you in private courses and accompaniments.
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As a Buddhist master in Kung Fu and Taiji teaches Wj. Christ the Power of Meditation and deep inner peace that is totally liberating. Meditation can for you both personally and in groups to be taught and the type of therapy. Wj. Christ is also the founder of Meditation basis for the deaf and hearing impaired and the resulting form of therapy. Meditation is taught and supervised monthly by Wj. Christ and weekly by her collaborators all over Belgium.
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