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Order of St. Stanislas


Project Gayemard


Project for Chronic and psychological suffering people

I am like a tree ... alone, I'm infinitely deep
should go to find roots
And now I come above ground
And I look for opportunities to grow
I need sun and heat And as many branches of myself
Consideration and implementation
For the outside world is hard and rough for me
But I want to learn to grow positively


These and many other deep thoughts or told by my patients to me.

And what can we offer?
Chronically ill patients often have not the courage nor the possibilities of enjoying life; Through years of hopeless pain and fatigue, they are often confined to home and dependent on the goodwill of friends or family. In situations are popular because of the heavily weighing care, relationship ruptures and thus isolation of the sick. We know from experience and from numerous studies on the psychosomatic functioning of our brains that an anti-social life leads to zieketeprocessen, germs from the emotions that translate into physical shortages, both a joyless life as a desperate loneliness are fatal and destructive to every living being. So we can heal a sick man impossible without the above vital factors are entered.

And that will mean for our GAYEMARD Chronic patients.

Through the gayemard project we allow:
• back in touch with beauty
• to enjoy an affordable way
• to maintain social contacts in a small and familiar environment
• openness to the outside world at their own pace and can
• ability to actually participate in organizational thinking and creative team employee to be.

Our events are open to all members of Gayemard at half or more reduced price, provided they bring at least one full paying person. This is to both support the project, talking about it, as for himself having to make social contact. Membership of the sick gayemard project can be obtained on request via personal Wj.Christ Olyslaegers. Info see coordinates of ivzw A Quest of Energy. Do you want our sick and our other projects by your financial and / or actual support brackets, see our Sponsor File.